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About Me

About Me

I've been teaching fitness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle for many years. I have a holistic and realistic approach to health and exercise which has nothing to do with the latest fads or trends... Instead, I love to inspire and encourage individuals to be the best person they can be, helping them to create and implement a realistic, consistent and effective health and fitness program into their everyday life.

I first started training to be a fitness professional when I was in the Royal Air Force back in 1991. I attended college for a year and in my spare time taught circuit training and other fitness classes to the airmen & women based at RAF Benson with me... After leaving the RAF in 1995 and whilst working in civil aviation, I completed my personal training and Modern Pilates level 3 qualifications. I then went on to study at University full time for five years achieving a Sports Therapy BSc 1st class Hons degree in 2008. Soon after and in 2011 I completed my Masters degree as a Chartered Physiotherapist. I continue to study and evolve as an holistic therapist and an individual...I have just attained a post grad diploma from King's College London in the psychology & neuroscience of mental health and I'm currently studying the Upledger method craniosacral therapy course,  with a view to be qualified and practicing early in 2024. 

 I've built a successful personal training, yoga , pilates & holistic health business in North Yorkshire, worked for the NHS as a Physio in Cardiac Rehab & heart failure services, and more recently worked at a private Dales musculoskeletal practice. I now work as an independent physio in the community, allowing treament sessions in the comfort of your own home.


As part of my own health and fitness training I have completed lots of 10k races the Swaledale and Edinburgh marathons, cycling sportives and duathlons in the local area. Recently, I raced in the Stockholm half marathon and encourage all of my clients to challenge themselves each year in a realistic and acheivable discipline. I practice what I preach by adopting a holistic approach to my health regime, participating in a varied training program, eating realistically and healthily (the 80/20 rule), sleeping well, being kind to myself, and laughing lots...

I'm committed to providing a bespoke service to each person I train or treat using only gold standard techniques that work out! I look forward to meeting the 'New You' soon...