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yoga-logoThe practice of yoga can mean different things to each individual body… Yoga can allow you to find an inner space, inner peace and enhanced sense of well-being when practiced regularly...

Yoga is not just the asana practice you do when you’re on your mat… Yoga is equally how you take you’re yoga practice and live your life when you’re off your mat…

holistic health yoga offers a wide range of authentic styles to suit everybody and ability. M prides herself on creating an inclusive class experience which remains respectful to the original ancient philosophy of yoga, whilst incorporating the freedom of some more contemporary yoga asana styles...

What we offer

What we offer

m training systems & holistic health offers the following styles of yoga. These can be in the form of group classes, personal training, residential yoga retreats, corporate classes or drop by group / 1-1 yoga sessions for when you’re away from home. This is perfect for when you’re on your holidays in Yorkshire and you want to continue you’re practice whilst away… I can arrive at your holiday home with all the equipment you need for your yoga practice.

We offer live and on-line yoga classes using zoom. The classes are on Wednesday mornings at 0930 and Thursday evenings at 1830 either in our studio or in the comfort of your own home... Contact me for booking details and the link to join us or book your space on your mat.

Ashtanga yoga, meaning eight limbs, is a method of yoga using the traditional ujaii breath whilst moving through a progressive set of postures of the primary, intermediate and four advanced series. It is considered a dynamic practice first introduced by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This type of yoga can produce an internal heat designed to purify the body and is great for building strength whilst stimulating the cardio-vascular system when practiced intensely…

Jiva from sanskrit means individual soul, and mukti means liberation. A dynamic practice which encompasses five elements into each practice...

Bhakti (devotion), Ahimsa (non-harming), Nada (listening & music), Dhyana (meditation), Shastra (scripture).

Some experience of vinyasa / Hatha yoga is advantagous before attending a Jivamukti open class. 

Vinyasa flow yoga, in Sanskrit meaning linking movement with breath, is one of the most popular, contemporary and versatile styles of yoga. Taking its inspiration from many different asanas transitioned together into a flowing sequence of movement, vinyasa flow incorporates the breath as it’s anchor and focus… Vinyasa flow has a real sense of freedom associated with it, with the practice sometimes being themed to work on opening specific areas of the body or taking an holistic whole body approach. Vinyasa flow’s focus is on the use of the breath to enhance the opening, closing and rotational requirements of the poses...

This practice is designed to stretch connective tissue around the joints, mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum and spine. It’s a practice involving variations of seated and supine poses typically held for between 3 to 5 minutes to allow the fascia around the muscles and joints to release and subsequently improve joint mobility and ease range of movement... A wonderful yoga practice that threads a sense of calm throughout the physical & emotional body, together with the subtle physiological nadi's of ida & pingali... 

 If you would like to complement your other forms of yoga and fitness, improve your strength and flexibility and enhance the flow of prana throughout the body, then Yin yoga is for you.

A restorative yoga class typically encompasses five or six postures. Positions are held for between 5 – 20 minutes or sometimes longer whilst being completely supported by props including bolsters, cushions and blocks.

The benefits of restorative yoga include creating greater space and alignment within the mind and body to allow the breath to flow freely and enhance the sense of wellbeing…

The origins of yoga nidra can be traced back to the ancient Eastern teachings of yoga & Tantra (Sanskrit – Tan meaning extending everywhere).

Yoga Nidra, meaning yogic sleep, induces a complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is a state of consciousness which is neither asleep nor awake, and can bring about a breakdown of our pre-conditioned traits and enable us to decipher a deeper awareness of ourselves in our own body...

Other benefits of yoga Nidra include -

  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system response
  • Help to decrease hypertension
  • Decrease the release of stress hormones
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Reduction of chronic pain

True mindfulness is ‘paying attention in the present moment, non-judgementally’ John Kabat Zinn

I thread the concept of mindfulness throughout my yoga practice and teachings, as I feel that as human’s we often take part in our lives without truly living in the moment. An example of this would be to take a photograph or a selfie of what is happening at any one moment, without actually watching what is happening in real time, thus losing out on becoming openly enriched by the experience.

Being mindful, practising meditation and consciously using the breath can have many health benefits including…

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Helping with the symptoms of depression
  • Help with insomnia and encourage a healthy sleep pattern

holistic health yoga class & 'pop up' Yin yoga timetable

Yin Yoga 'Pop Up' @ Araucaria House, Scurragh Lane, Skeeby DL10 5EG

Tuesday 25th June 2024


 Set in this very special Yoga Shala, Araucaria House lends itself perfectly to this beautiful nourishing and replenishing practice of Yin yoga. Incorporating pranayama, asana, mediation & healing crystals, we complete the evening with cleansing teas, Kombucha a nutritious sweet treat and conversation. The investment for this evening of yoga is £20. Please contact me for more details and book in using the 'Book' link.

Love & light

Every Wednesday – The Barn, Coverham nr Middleham, North Yorkshire
& Live Streamed on Zoom

Mixed ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga

£12.50 per student live      £9 per student zoom


Every Thursday– Holistic Home, Araucaria House, Scurragh Lane, Skeeby Nr Richmond North Yorkshire DL10 5EG

Mixed ability Vinyasa Flow Yoga

 £12.50 per student live   £9 per student zoom

please bring your mat, cushion and blanket...


Please contact me for more details, book you’re drop by holiday yoga session or arrange yoga classes for you and your office colleagues…

Love & Light